How to build a personal brand on Instagram?

Instagram has earned the title of being the social network that has the most impact and listening power it has in society.

With this platform, you have the potentiality to relate with people with your same interests and share similar thoughts to you. Therefore, there is a lot of interaction between users who are interested and want to see your content, since it is related to them or shows interest in what you publish. Thanks to this, it generates an opportunity to gain loyal followers of your content.

Although this seems easy, it is not, and it takes some skill and characteristics to be able to differentiate your brand from the other thousands on the platform with many followers.

Here are some tips for creating your personal brand on Instagram:

Content plan and strategy

One of the most important things on Instagram when creating your personal brand is being creative and always faithful to your style and way of communicating. It is essential to generate a content plan and a marketing strategy considering the following points:

  1. As in any marketing strategy, you have to be clear about your goal to achieve with your account. That is, if you want to get free Instagram followers, brand recognition, visits, etc.
  1. Model accounts or influencers. This means that you always have to have an ideal goal, an Instagram account where you look and where you would like to arrive. Never copy another account, let it influence you, inspire you, but don’t mark that mark. A content plan will help you organize your personal account, including your inspirations or accounts that you focus on while losing your essence.
  1. Market niche. The choice of a niche is very important, it will allow you to focus on a more specific sector, and it will be easier to become the “thought leader of that theme.” Also, look at your competition to know where they are going.
  1. One of the key points that will help you is the creation of a content calendar. This will allow you to publish in a constant and regular way, data that brings a lot of value among the users. You should also determine a content plan that argues when, how often, and the posts you will publish.
  1. When the month ends, be sure to check the results. Like, comments, traffic, visits are some of the measurements to take into account so that the following month you can improve what has not worked correctly.

The communication of your brand

It is very important to know your own brand; you need to understand who you are and what you want to communicate to find the best way to get that message and to attract more public to your personal brand.

One of the ideas to consider for the communication of your brand is not to tell everything at once. That is, know your audience and keep them intrigued with news or things to tell, but not to the point that your followers get tired or understand nothing. You see, controlling the content that they will see with the “hype” that you will give on those subjects, intrigued them in their right measure.

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